Grays Harbor PUD Telecommunications

Investing in Technology for the Benefit of our Customers and Community

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Look up and you will most likely see your PUD’s power lines spanning the landscape of Grays Harbor County, but the lines that carry electricity to homes and businesses aren’t the only PUD lines you may notice.

Your PUD has been investing in a fiber optic network since 1998 and continues to expand the network within our service area.The network not only provides the PUD with a resource that is critical to the operation of the electrical system, it provides an additional benefit as well; it makes high-speed telecommunications accessible to many areas of Grays Harbor that might not otherwise have this service available.  Today our expanding fiber optic network includes over 200 miles of line and continues to grow.

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Our reliable high-speed infrastructure helps Grays Harbor County’s aids in economic growth by attracting and helping to retain business in our community. 

As the PUD installs fiber optic cable, it makes high-speed communications and internet services accessible to businesses, public agencies such libraries, schools, hospitals and emergency services through qualified partnering Service Providers. The network also provides infrastructure to support the cellular high-speed network deployment for the residents of Grays Harbor.   We have successfully partnered with other local, state and federal agencies on telecommunication projects to lower costs and improve services for the agencies. Some of these partners include Grays Harbor County, Grays Harbor Communications (E-911), Washington State Patrol, and the Port of Grays Harbor.

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The fiber optic network is a critical communications tool for the PUD for operating and monitoring the electrical system, energy management, metering, and load control for our systems helping to ensure safety, redundancy, and reliability.

With the wholesale telecommunications business rapidly growing we are able to increase revenues on existing District investments such as collocations buildings and our fiber optic network. We generate a positive income over $300,000 annually in telecommunications revenue.

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In 2000, Washington Legislature passed a bill giving Public Utilities Districts in the state authority to provide wholesale telecommunications services. 

The bill prohibits PUD’s from offering telecommunications services to the end-user; instead it requires that utilities operate in partnership with Service Providers to connect customers to their networks.   We have formed very valuable partnerships with all of the Service Providers in our County which benefits our community as a whole.

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Our partnered Service Providers are your link to getting connected. These providers, utilizing our network, are able to offer a wide variety of services to the community such as Internet connectivity, high-speed communications and data transmission. For more information please contact any of our Service Providers.