Current Projects

We are excited for the opportunity to extend our fiber optic system to the  educational communities.  We have builds scheduled for completion in 2018, connecting the Elma and Montesano school districts to our system. The Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Wishkah and Ocosta school districts are presently served by the District’s fiber optic system. 

What are the District's future telecommunications plans?

Your PUD is exploring ways to increase availability of services to businesses, public agencies, and rate payers by expanding the fiber optic network to under-served areas of Grays Harbor County.  In addition, we have received State funding for telecommunication projects to promote economic growth within the county.

Legislature approves funding for East County fiber project

Governor Jay Inslee signed the 2017-19 Capital Budget sending nearly a half-million dollars in economic development funding to the Grays Harbor PUD and East Grays Harbor County. The budget, approved by the Legislature  and signed by the governor, includes $463-thousand for the East Grays Harbor County Fiber Project, which will improve fiber optic cable connections to the Elma and Satsop School Districts, the Schouweiller industrial park, local communities and businesses.

“School, residential and business interests in Satsop and Elma will see additional options for improved internet and communication services because of this project,” said PUD Core Services Director Rob Hanny. “Thanks to the leadership of our legislative partners, this will mean improved service and greater flexibility within the PUD capital budget and the opportunity to complete other projects.”

The Capital Budget request was sponsored by Rep. Mike Chapman and supported by his fellow 24th district legislators, Rep. Steve Tharinger and Sen. Kevin Van De Wege.  “Broadband internet is vital for our local businesses and communities here in timber and farm country,” Chapman said. “I’m pleased and proud that lawmakers could partner with the Grays Harbor Public Utility District to make this happen, and I look forward to pushing hard for new ideas and partnerships to make sure all of rural Washington has a fast, affordable link to the internet.”

Grays Harbor PUD is designing the fiber optic expansion project to head west from the Elma service shop located  at Young and 2nd Street, through town and down the Monte Elma Rd. to the Satsop School. If you are interested in having your businesses or community considered to be included in this project, we want to hear from you.  Please complete the pdf East County Fiber Expansion Project Survey (47 KB)  and email it to, or call 360-537-3700.

We have been approached by the Seabrook development in regards to delivering fiber optic services to their communities and are currently exploring several options.  We are in the process of installing 1 mile of fiber optic cable to connect their main facility now.

We are excited for the opportunity to extend our fiber optic system to the educational communities.  We have builds scheduled for completion in 2018, connecting the Elma and Satsop School districts to our system.  The Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Wishkah, Ocosta, and Montesano school districs are presently served by the District.

We were recently approached by Ascensus in regards to connecting their facility in Elma to our fiber optic system.  They only recently realized we offered these services after reading about the East County fiber project.  It has been determined that the PUD will be able to deliver fiber optic connectivity quicker and less expensive than any other options they had been pursuing.  This project will provide an opportunity for the PUD to enhance the reliablility of the fiber connectivity in the Elma area and provide high-speed broadband options to Ascensus not otherwise available.  This project is in progress and construction is anticipated to start in mid July.

Serve our community with high value utility services at the lowest practical cost.

For information on your PUD’s telecommunications services please email or call (360) 537-3700.