Outage Alerts

Receiving Outage Alerts

To receive information about power outages from Grays Harbor Public Utility District (GHPUD), you have a couple options:

  • Go to the Twitter website, and sign up for an account (it is free) then indicate you would like to follow GHPUD.
  • You can set the settings on your account to receive GHPUD “Tweets” on your cell phone or indicate you would like to receive the information on your computer.
    • Remember, if you indicate you would like to receive “Tweets” on your phone, all text charges apply
  • Grays Harbor PUD typically sends “Tweets” (short messages) for outages impacting more than 50 customers.
  • Follow us on our Facebook page for outage notifications
  • To report an outage or for more detailed outage information, call the GHPUD Outage Hotline at (360) 537-3721 or (888) 541-5923.
Subscribe to Email Notifications
  • Computer — If you would like to receive outage information on your computer, fill in the fields provided with your email address and select “yes” next to “Receive HTML.”
  • Cell Phone — If you would like to receive outage alerts on your cell phone as a text message, you will need to submit your phone’s email address in the email field provided.
    • Every phone has an email address. It is your 10-digit phone number plus your service providers text messaging email address.
    • Check with your service provider for the email address for your phone.
    • Remember, all text charges apply.
    • Then click “no” next to “Receive HTML.”

Outage Hotline – Do We Have Your Number?

Do you need to update your phone number?