Do you need to update your phone number?

Power outages happen. Sometimes its stormy weather that causes outages, sometimes it’s a car-pole collision, sometimes an unfortunate squirrel picking the wrong place and time to do a high-wire act. Whatever the cause, your PUD will respond as quickly as possible and you can help. The PUD is equipped with an automated system that allows us to track incoming reports of power outages. In addition, this system provides customers with information about the status of outages we are already aware of. It’s an easy way for your PUD to communicate important information to you when all of the sudden you find yourself in the dark.

If you have changed your phone number please call the PUD at 532-4220 to update your account information with your new phone number. This will ensure when you enter your home phone number into the outage reporting system, the system will be able to locate the address of the outage. Entering a phone number not currently associated with your account address may cause delays in responding to an outage.

Here are a few quick tips to remember when calling the outage hotline:

  • When the power goes out, call the Hotline number a 360-537-3721 or 1-888-541-5923. Please do not use the Hotline number for customer service questions. For billing inquiries or general PUD business, contact customer service at 532-4220.
  • Listen to the latest information about current outages the PUD is already responding to. Time estimates for restoration of power are general estimates and can change depending on conditions. The recording provides information on major outages. Small-scattered outages may not be listed individually.
  • If you hear information on your outage, please hang up. Don’t leave a message (including questions regarding the cause of your outage or restoration time) if we already know about your outage, because it can cause delays in restoring power.
  • If you don’t hear information about the outage you are experiencing, enter your home phone number when prompted by the system and leave message providing information on the outage (if you know a cause). The number you enter must match the phone number you provided as part of your account information with the Grays Harbor PUD. Please do not enter cell phone numbers or other phone numbers unless they are associated with your account at the outage address.
  • Once you have entered your home phone number the system will automatically match the number to your home address and alert our dispatch center that there is a new outage. Please don’t leave a message.