What is the Budget Billing plan?
The Budget Billing plan is a billing option for primarily residential customers who prefer to pay the same amount each month regardless of their current energy usage. An annual review reconciles the actual usage to the total budget amounts billed over the previous 12 months. For some people it is easier to budget the electrical bills when the billing is the same each month.
How much do I pay each month?
The District reviews the historical energy usage of your residence to establish the budget bill amount you will be billed each month at today’s energy rates.
Is it important that I make my exact BUDGET payment each month?
Yes. If you miss a payment or make a partial payment you may be removed from the plan and your account balance becomes due and payable.
What happens if I want to make a double payment one month?
Budget Billing is designed for customers to pay the same amount each month. If you would like to pay more towards your AR Balance, please contact Customer Service for assistance.
If my bills say I owe NONE can I skip a month?
Most the time this means the customer has over paid their account. If it comes as a surprise it is helpful for you to bring it to the District’s attention to review the plan.
What happens if I don’t pay my BUDGET payment by the DUE Date?
If your budget payment is late you may be subject to being removed from the plan. As with any bill, it is important to work out late payments with the District’s Credit Representatives
Do I need to pay attention to my account balance throughout the year?
Your account balance fluctuates from a credit in the summer and fall months to a debit in the winter and spring months. Therefore, your account balance is an indicator as to whether your monthly budget bill amount is accurate in relation to your true average billing. For example, if your account balance, (credit or debit), is 2-4 times more than your monthly bill amount, then your Budget Billing plan is either being over or under billed. If this occurs you should contact the District to make the necessary adjustment.
How often with the PUD review my BUDGET payment amount?
Unless their is a large discrepancy between the budget bill amount and the account balance, the Budget plan is reviewed once a year based on the date the customer signs up. The review takes the account balance and divides the credit or debit by 12 months then subtracts or adds, respectively, to the calculated average bill to establish the next year’s budget billing amount.