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Thank you for your interest in the Grays Harbor PUD Residential Energy Efficiency Program. This site contains all the information you need to be able to take advantage of rebates now being offered by your PUD. You'll find instructions on how to apply, guidelines you'll need to follow in order to qualify, and a list of approved contractors.

Please note: A preliminary audit of the home is required before procceding with heat pump or weatherization projects. Rebate/loan applications must be submitted to the PUD prior to any work being done. New construction projects require pre-approval of applications, but no site inspection is required before beginning installation. Building permits are required on all heat pump projects. If you would like to schedule an audit, please call 538-6383.

If you still have questions after looking through the material, please call Energy & Conservation Services at 538-6383.

Follow these steps to get assistance for your Residential Energy Efficiency project:

  1. Review the information in this packet and call us if you have questions.
  2. For Energy Star® Appliance Rebates, simply attach the receipt from a qualified purchase to your completed application and mail it to us.
  3. If you plan to upgrade your heating system or weatherize your home, contact us for a free Preliminary Audit. We'll work with you to determine what projects are cost-effective for your home, and we'll discuss program guidelines and the steps you'll need to take to get your project going.
  4. After you've reviewed the recommendations from the preliminary audit, you'll be ready to get bids. We recommend that you get at least two bids for each portion of your conservation project.  Contact contractors from the approved contractors list and let them know what work you're interest in having them bid. Make sure you tell them you're going through the PUD program, because there are requirements they will have to meet, such as providing your bids on our approved bid forms.
  5. If you are planning to perform the work yourself, make sure you review our installation standards before proceeding.  Your project may be disqualified if installation standards are not strictly followed.
  6. After you've selected a contractor's bid for the project, fill out the rebate application, and provide ALL the information requested on the application.
  7. Mail or FAX us the completed application (attach contractor bids on PUD bid forms), or bring it by the PUD office.  Within five business days of receiving your complete application, we'll let you know if your project has been approved.
  8. Once your project is approved, we will contact your contractor with an OK to proceed.  Your contractor will then contact you to schedule the work.
  9. Your contractor will notify us as soon as the work is completed, and we'll schedule a time for a final site inspection of the completed project. Rebate checks are mailed within two weeks of final approval.

Please see Tips for a Successful Project for
important information regarding your responsibilities in this program!

Grays Harbor PUD reserves the right to revise program rules and guidelines, including discontinuing all or part of the available incentives, at any time and without prior notice.  All projects, once approved, will be subject to the guidelines in place at the time of approval.

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